Class Registration, FAQs and Helpful Hints

Class Registration Help Videos (captions available)

Things to Know

  1. Academic Calendar: Review the Academic Calendar on the Office of the Registrar website for important enrollment dates and semester deadlines.
  2. Orientation Requirements: Undergraduate freshmen and transfer students are required to attend a UCCS Orientation. Graduate and Non-degree seeking students are not required to attend orientation.
  3. Enrollment Date & Time (Enrollment Appointment): To locate your specific date and time to register for any given term, navigate to Access Student Self Services under the Records and Registration dropdown within the .
  4. Enrollment Holds: Check for any holds that may prevent you from registering. Click the hold to view details on how to resolve the hold.
  1. Log on with the username and password assigned for campus webmail and campus computers. If you have problems logging on, contact the UCCS IT Help Desk at (719)255-3536 or  You may also visit the Account Help page at 
  2. Under Records and Registration dropdown on the  homepage, select Access Student Self Services
  3. Select Register for Classes (add/drop)
  4. Select Enrollment Shopping Cart or Add Classes
  5. Select the desired term
  6. Before you can officially register or place classes in your Enrollment
  7. Refer to the Preregistration Tasks in step 2 (below)


  1. You must provide UCCS with your HOME and LOCAL contact information as well as your EMERGENCY contact information each semester before you may register. This information will be used in the event we need to contact you urgently for health or safety reasons.

    Note:欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区 If you do not know what your local address will be at the time of registration, you may match the LOCAL address with your HOME address.

    Note: Your local address is vital for contacting you nearby your campus of attendance.

  2. Once you have entered your required information, be sure to check the box next to "I verify that the address(es) above are accurate and up to date."

Phone Numbers

  1. Your cell phone information will be included in the UCCSAlerts Emergency Notification System unless you specifically "opt out" bellow. Opting out is strongly discouraged as UCCSAlerts is designed to send emergency notifications and timely warning information regarding urgent campus closures, extreme weather, and emergencies directly to your mobile device via text message.
  2. An entry in cell/mobile number field is required. If you do not have one, you must enter "000-000-0000" . Have questions about UCCSAlerts? Please visit the . 
  3. Once you have entered your required information, be sure to check the box next to "I verify that that the phone number(s) above are accurate."Phone numbers on file menu

Emergency Contacts

  1. Emergency Contact Information: In the event the University needs to contact someone on your behalf should you be involved in or experience a health or safety emergency. This information will not be included in our Emergency Notification System. You must provide contact name, relationship, address and phone.
  2. Once you have entered your required information, be sure to check the box next to "I verify that the emergency contact information is accurate and up to date."
  3. Click ContinueEmergency contacts on file menu with I verify the emergency contact info checked


Tuition and Fee Agreement Disclosure

  1. Review the Financial Obligation Agreement and select "I Agree."
  1. Under Records and Registration dropdown on the homepage, select Access Student Self Services
  2. Select the Register for Classes (add/drop) tileRecords and Registration menu with Access Student Services highlighted
  3. Fill in Institution and Term
  4. Under the Class Search section, select Campus (Colorado Springs Main Campus or Extended Studies), then fill in the desired Subject Area and Catalog Number/Course Number/Number (catalog/course number is optional).

    Note: If you know the class subject prefix (e.g. ANTH, CHEM, ENGL, BIOL) you can enter the subject manually. If you do not, use the magnifying glass to select from the class subject options.

  5. Select Search

    Tip: Use the 'Additional Search Criteria欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区' to narrow your search results to specific meeting times, specific faculty members, ect.

    This week schedule menu with Class Search highlighted
  6. Expand the desired class to view class details such as class section, meeting days and times, meeting location/room, instructor, meeting dates, class status (e.g. open or closed), available seats, etc.
    Search For Classes menu
  7. Select desired section

    Note:欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区 If there is a lab or recitation associated with the main lecture section of the desired class, you will be prompted to choose a lab or recitation section in the next step. Not all classes have a lab or recitation associated with the lecture

  8. Click the Select button next to the class

    Note: If you have not yet completed your preregistration tasks for the term you selected, you will be prompted to update/validate your information and agree to the financial obligation requirements

    Class Search menu with select option highlighted
  9. Click Next and the class will be added to your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Step 4 (below) will show you how to move your desired classes from your Enrollment Shopping Cart to your official class schedule.

    Note: If you have a Permission Number that an academic advisor or department has issued you, enter the Permission Number欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区 in the next step. Permission numbers are needed when students do not meet prerequisites or the class requires instructor/department consent to enroll.

    Class Add Menu with Permission Number text area highlighted under Career Option
  1. Select the Menu dropdown in the upper right corner
  2. Select Enroll
  3. Select a Term, then select Continue
    Search for Classes menu with Enroll buttoned highlighted
    Class selected with Next option highlighted
  4. Select the classes within your Enrollment Shopping Cart that you wish to enroll in or move to your official class schedule. Then select Add Selected Classes.
    Add Selected Classes menu with classes checked off
  5. Select Finish Enrolling
    Confirm Classes menu with Finish Enrolling button highlighted
  6. Select My Class Schedule to validate your schedule
    Finished enrolling menu with My Class Schedule button highlighted in between Resolve Errors button and Add Another Class button
  1. Under the Records and Registration dropdown of the myUCCS Portal homepage, select Access Student Self Services. Then select the Register for Classes (add/drop) tile.
    Records and Registration menu with Register for Classes (add/drop) button highlighted
  2. Select Drop Classes from the menu, and then choose the appropriate term.
    Register for Classes menu with Drop Classes highlighted underneath Add Classes
  3. Check the boxes next to the classes you wish to drop, and then select Drop Selected Classes.
    Select Classes to drop menu with classes selected
  4. Select Finish Dropping.
    Confirm Selection Menu with Finishing Dropping button highlighted
  5. Review class drop confirmation details. A confirmation page will confirm whether your class drop request was successful. If it was not successful, it is past the online self-service drop deadline or you have a hold that prevents your from dropping classes.
    Dropped Classes menu with Status switched to green
  • In your  under the Records and Registration dropdown, select Student Self Service Center.  Click on the Enroll in Classes (add/drop) tile.  Your Enrollment Appointment or Enrollment Date & Time for eligible terms will display in the pop-up box. For additional help understanding class and session deadlines, review the Understanding Course/Session Deadlines page.
  • NOTE: All Main Campus students will receive an email will be sent to your UCCS email address with your student specific enrollment date & time. This email will be sent the day Enrollment Shopping Carts become available for each term.
  • For any term (summer, fall or spring) your enrollment date and time is based upon your is based upon your academic level and status as a student at UCCS. This date & time controls when you can register for your courses (move courses from your shopping cart into your official class schedule). The higher your academic level, the sooner you will be able to register for courses.
  • Short courses are defined as courses that meet in an untraditional or condensed pattern within a semester. These courses are often called "intensive" course. These types of courses have special academic and financial deadlines that differ from full semester length courses.
  • Click here for a detailed list of academic and financial deadlines for these types of courses. You can also locate these specific dates by logging into your  Under Records and Registration dropdown, select Access Student Self Services. Then select Register for Classes (add/drop). From the menu, select This Week's Schedule or Weekly Schedule, then click on the calendar icon under Deadlines.
  • The Edit a class feature allows you to edit a lab or recitation without losing your spot in the lecture.
  • Under the Records and Registration dropdown, select Access Student Self Services. Then select Register for Classes (add/drop). From the menu, select Edit a Class.
  • The course swap option allows you to drop and add courses in a single transaction.
  • Under the Records and Registration dropdown, select Access Student Self Services. Then select Register for Classes (add/drop). From the menu, select Swap Classes.
  • Some academic departments offer variable credit classes. A variable credit class could range from 1.0 credit to 12.0 credits.
  • You may edit the number of credits on a variable credit class until the census date of the course.
  • Under Records and Registration dropdown, select Access Student Self Services . Then select Register for Classes (add/drop). From the menu, select Edit a Class. If you are in a variable credit class, the class will populate in your list of editable classes.
  • This is when you withdraw from the semester completely. At this point you will no longer be enrolled in any classes for that semester. A 100% refund is given for a withdrawal before the census date of the course.
  • For additional information on university withdrawals, visit our Withdrawal Policies and Procedures page.
  • A Permission Number is a unique number students can be issued to enroll in a course they would otherwise not be eligible for. Permission numbers essentially take the place of the physical Course Change Form (Add/Drop Slip). Permission Numbers are issued by academic departments or by Academic Advisors.
  • Review "Step 3: Class Search and using the Enrollment Shopping Cart" above for the Permission Number instructions.
  • Refer to Course Deadlines page for additional details on enrollment deadlines and when waitlists are deleted.
  • For full semester length classes, the only way for students to enroll in a class that is closed is by placing themselves on the waitlist. Students on the waitlist are automatically enrolled in the class if a seat becomes available or enrollment limits are increased. Instructors may accommodate students on the waitlist by requesting to increase their class enrollment limit, or by requesting that students be manually rolled into the class over the published limit.

    Note: The system will allow students to waitlist for more than one section of the same class. In addition, the system will allow students to fully register for one section of an open class and waitlist for another section of that same class. Important:欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区 The student will not roll into a class off the waitlist if they are fully enrolled in an open section of that class and waitlisted for another section (unless that specific class is repeatable for credit).

  • Prior to waitlists being deleted: Instructors who wish to allow waitlisted students to enroll in their classes may contact their department assistant to request an increase in the enrollment limit, being mindful of the classroom space limit. Increasing the enrollment limit will allow students to roll into the class automatically (if they do not have other problems such as time conflicts, financial holds, etc.). If instructors do not want to raise the published limit but still want to allow waitlisted students to enroll, they should email Academic Scheduling at to manually move students
  • After waitlists are deleted:Students may enroll in a closed class by using a Course Change Form (Add/Drop Form) and obtaining instructor approval/signatures or by acquiring a Permission Number from the academic department that owns the class or their academic/program advisor. Refer to Course Deadlines page for additional details on enrollment/waitlist deadlines.
  • After the waitlists are deleted through the Census Date:Students can obtain a Course Change Form (Add/Drop Form) signed by the instructor and bring the form to the Office of the Registrar, Main Hall, Room 108. Staff will enroll the students, if there are no holds that would prevent the enrollment; and, if the classroom capacity has not been met. The department may also issue a Permission Number to the student. The student can use the permission number in their  enroll in the class. Permission numbers will only work through the Census Date of the course.
  • After Census Date:Students can use an add slip (Course Change Form), obtain approval/signatures of the instructor, dean and Student Financials Services, and then bring the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.
  • Short Course/Class Waitlists: For short courses, the last day to waitlist aligns with the last day to enroll in the course. Waitlists will be deleted the following business day. Review the Short Course Deadlines page for date specific information.