and receive all F's are considered an unofficial withdrawal for the term that they were enrolled in. For students that unofficially withdraw from the University, the student's last date of attendance, as determined by the , will be used in the Return of Title IV calculation. Once the last date of attendance has been determined the same policy discussed above will be applied to determine the unearned aid that will be returned.

Note: Once the last date of attendance has been determined, the withdrawal calculation is completed, the last date of attendance will not be adjusted. Please contact the financial aid office to discuss any exceptions.

Balances Due

欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区All students that withdraw officially or unofficially from the University will receive a letter from the Financial Aid Office explaining why their aid was reduced and how much was returned due to Return of Title IV calculation. The student will also receive a revised bill from Student Financial Services showing how much is due to the University.

To ensure you receive this information in a timely manner, please make sure your address and phone number are updated with the university.