Frequently Asked Questions

UCCS SFS - Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the financial aid disbursement?

    Generally, the first disbursement will occur within the week before the first day of classes.  Tentative dates are listed on the Disbursement information Overview page.

  2. Is Tuition Assistance the same as Financial Aid?

    No, financial aid processes such as applying for aid, accepting aid awards, and disbursing aid are handled by the Financial Aid Office.  For info regarding your aid awards themselves, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at (719) 255-3460.

  3. When can I get a Short Term Loan?

    During the Fall and Spring semester, short term loans are available 5 calendar days before classes begin.  For interim classes and summer classes, book loans are available the day the class starts.  To request a short-term loan, you must first visit a Financial Aid counselor.  They will direct you through the remaining process.  Be sure to bring your photo ID.

  4. How does financial aid pay my bill, and how much do I get back?

    欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区Financial aid awards (scholarships, grants, loans) are applied toward your balance with the University.  This includes all current term tuition, fees, and housing.  Other miscellaneous fines and fees will only be paid with a completed Title IV student permission form on file.  This can be completed within your myUCCS portal under Student Financials (Bursar) > Grant Title IV Permission.  Once your balance is paid-in-full, you will receive a refund (disbursement) for the remaining credit balance.

  5. How often do disbursements occur?

    欧美日本一道本免费三区_一区二区三区高清视频_日本高清一道本一区二区三区Direct deposit disbursements occur nightly and paper check disbursements occur once a week with checks mailed every Friday.  After the disbursement is processed on your student account, you can expect to receive your refund with 72 business hours by direct deposit, or by the end of the following week by check.  If you are receiving a refund for a drop or withdrawal the disbursements will begin after census date if the payment method is not sourced from Financial Aid awards.